tacori engagement rings

Certain words simply evoke feelings of elegance: Audrey Hepburn, Royal Doulton China and Tacori jewelry.

Tacori stands for quality and excellence, with a personalized touch not found elsewhere. Based on vintage styles, Tacori engagement rings are instant heirloom pieces – but don’t let the word “vintage” throw you off if you’re not into the look. Tacoris, while based on the style, come in a wide range of options, many with unique designs not to be found elsewhere.

A Tacori also has a strong family tradition behind it, which gives your ring a much more personalized feel (and the fact that the company is great about customizing options – each ring is made to order).

While the Tacori “family” is now about a hundred designers strong, it began as a husband and wife team thirty-five years ago. With a mission of creating unique designs and only using top quality materials, a Tacori ring is one of a kind.

Elegant? Yes. Rugged? Yep. Tacori specializes in using platinum for the band and settings, with an occasional splash of yellow gold thrown in. Platinum is rarer than gold, and much more durable. It is also the most difficult jewelry metal to work with, so that tells you something – if a company prefers to work with platinum, they must be good!

They also make every ring in wax prior to creating the real thing, just to make sure they like it. (Kind of like a Madame Tussaud’s of the jewelry world, but not quite – you get the idea.) Because platinum is silver in color, this may be something to consider for those of you who are set on gold.

Some Tacoris incorporate quite a bit of gold coloring, but for the most part, a Tacori is, well, platinum. Of course, this also creates a bit of that signature style, and there’s something to be said for that as well.

Many Tacoris use a pave style around the band, which means lots of smaller diamonds all around the band. There’s no shortage of sparkle on a Tacori! And the rings come in sets, so you’re sure to have an engagement and wedding band that fit perfectly together. All in all, it’s a ring choice that you’re likely to be very satisfied with for years to come.

Where can you find a Tacori?

The lines can be viewed at their website at www.tacori.com, and you can use the link to find an authorized dealer in your area. This is definitely a ring you’ll want to see first hand (no pun intended) and you can speak with the jeweler about options. Are they expensive?

Yeah, they are. (Or maybe it’s all relative?) Nevertheless, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting a quality ring that you’ll want to pass along to your children (or nieces or nephews).

Do you like telling stories? If you opt for a Tacori engagement ring, you can post your “Tacori love story” on the website for all future Tacori-brides-to be to see (and they’re a lot of fun to read, too) if you like that sort of romantic thing – and who doesn’t?.