unique wedding rings

You know what you want – unique wedding rings that make a statement about you and your love for each other.

Now if you just had some ideas, you’d be in great shape.

Chill out! We’re here to help with some terrific ideas on unique wedding rings and unusual wedding rings that will have you shopping happily away in no time at all.

First, antique wedding rings are quite, well, unique, and have the advantage of being rare. Which means you won’t be running into them everywhere you go.

Antique wedding rings, diamond rings in particular, have a wonderfully romantic appeal that never goes out of style. That alone makes them unique wedding bands!

Next, you can look into what some of the hot, new jewelry designers are up to. Breaking away from the herd mentality and designing something breathtakingly unique or unusual is how a designer makes his or her name. So be sure to check them out when looking for unique wedding rings or unique wedding bands.

Celtic designs are a great choice for unique wedding rings. Though they’re gaining in popularity and are quite trendy these days, there’s still a wide variety to choose from. You can go with an authentic design or an antique one. For truly unique wedding rings, you should look at some of the modern Celtic designs – or design your own ring that incorporates a Celtic design.

This is something that many of the hip-hop crowd is doing now, so you can be trendy and unique, all at once!

And designing your own unique wedding rings offers you the chance to do something truly unusual and different. Look for jewelry designers in your local phone book or through your local jewelers. You can also find them online at our favorite online jeweler mondera.com.

And for something truly unique, I know someone who had her partner’s Phantom (as in “the ghost who walks”, not “of the Opera”) ring made into a wedding band. Now that’s unique, particularly because neither of them are avid Phantom fans.

A trend that’s also starting to gather momentum is having your wedding band tattooed on to your finger. On the positive side, you can have any design you could possibly think of in your tattoo, and you wouldn’t have to take it off to wash your hands. On the down side, you wouldn’t be able to take it off. Period.

If you want to go the more traditional route and simply have something a little unique, you’ll find plenty of unique wedding rings online. With more ideas in this gallery here, you can shop to your own unique heart’s content.